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Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Problems of Salespeople with low EQ

Does that sound familiar? You accept a connection request and you know the second you click on "confirm" that you will likely regret it.
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While you lift your index finger from your mouse, you hear it. "Bling". The notification that a new message found its way into your inbox. You don´t have to look who sent it. You know it.

Latently annoyed you open the message. One does not always have to suspect the worse, right? But, oh look, maybe the new social connection is not that social after all?

That would explain why the very first message is a sales pitch.

And you read about the incredible success everyone had with solution xy. Most importantly, you learn that you have to click on a link right now because the product is on sale.

At least the standard message has been personalized. Half-heartedly. They copied your name into the text module. With a typo. But, hey, I won´t complain because it happens to me too (:

I just received another one of this messages.

What´s the problem?

1. Relationship

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Especially not by a stranger. People are influenced by people they feel an emotional connection, that they trust and like.

We have to earn the right to advise and suggest "solutions". Speaking about ...

2. Solutions

The sender did not even take the time to learn about me or my situation. He talked about "solutions" before he even knew if I had a problem.

I do not have a problem the product is targeting.

Perhaps we would have found another way to work together. I could have purchased something else or sometime in the future.

We will never know.

3. Voice

The message was in the voice of the product. 13 reasons why the product is awesome. Quite a few salespeople talk in the voice of their company or their product.

The only voice that would have appealed to me at this point is the voice of the client.

At this point, I was not interested in features. Or solutions.

Rational arguments become interesting after I made an emotional decision and need facts to back up my decision.

4. People factor

People buy from people. Humans buy from humans. Trust and sympathy are the foundations of successful relationships - in business and in life.

Premature offers and unqualified messages make trust difficult.

5. Price

The seller encourages me (or in that case commands me) to react right away because the product is on sale. Sadly, he missed to sell me on the benefit of his product.

A product I don´t need, sold by a person I don´t trust at a price that is irrelevant to me.

What salespeople with high EQ do

What if the sender of the message had told me a story I can relate to instead? Even if the setting of the story would not have applied to me I would have invited the seller to learn about me and my situation.

Supposed he is a good listener that could have been the beginning of a wonderful business relationship.

That said, the storytelling, story tending and connective listening would have to be a mindset. Not yet another sales trick. One can tell the difference.

Who should be looking?

The only situation when I - and I suppose that applies to you as well - would respond to an unsolicited offer is if I am currently in the market and actively looking for just the product the seller is offering.

How many of your potential buyers are currently in the market? 3 %? 7 %?

What about the rest?

Regarding to Forrester Research, over 1 Million B2B sales jobs will go away by 2020. They will be replaced with self-service websites.

Your guess is as good as mine: Who is easily replaceable? The salespeople who create a need or those who administer it?

To sum things up

  • people buy from people that they trust
  • one should not offer solutions before one knows if the person even has a problem
  • listening with the genuine intent of understanding and connecting comes first
  • influence is a transfer of emotions. Influence requires an emotional connection 
  • people love to buy as much as they hate being sold to
  • connective listening skills enhance the speed of trust and connection